As a network established to advocate for the less privileged and voiceless children in the Kailahun district, Power to the adolescent boys and girls network held sensitization campaign throughout the district.

The district sensitization tour targeted major schools, community stakeholders and other authorities in the various chiefdoms, preaching the negative effects of early marriage and teenage pregnancy, which mostly lead to the dropout from school.

According to the Network Coordinator for Kailahun district, Alice Massah Kormoh, the network advocates for children on child Trafficking, child Labor, child Rights, early marriage, Teenage Pregnancy, and better life for children amongst others. She maintained that the district still registered high rate of teenage pregnancy and early marriage.

Kormoh informed that the network works under the direct supervision of Ministry of Social Welfare, Ministry of Gender and Children’s Affairs, Children’s Forum Network, and SLBC. And also partners with other child – led organizations inclusive Save the Children and Restless Development. She added that the aforementioned institutions have tremendously contributed to the success of the network in the district.

She stated that there’s an alarming rate of teenage pregnancy and early which needs utmost attention in order to reduce it.

Kormoh underscored the significant impact the network has created so far which has led to decrease in sexual penetration, child Trafficking, child labor and other offences. She appealed for more support from partners and other child-led agencies for a better outcome.