Police in the Northern town of Mile 91 has on Saturday 30th March 2024 arrested the newly elected President of the National Association of Farmers in Sierra Leone with a shotgun and cartridges in his residence at Mamaka town, in the Yoni Mamaila Chiefdom, Tonkolili District.

Ahmed Muckson Sesay was arrested and handcuffed in the presence of this reporter who was at the scene to follow up on a land dispute that has over the years created tension between two neighboring villages.

Chief Superintendent of Police Michael JK Lagga, the Mile 91 Police Division Local Unit Commander led the team of armed policemen to Muckson’s Sesay’s residence in a garden off Mamaka town.

On Monday March 25th, 2024, an altercation allegedly left a local farmer with a bullet wound on the right hand after live gunshots were reportedly fired in Makomp, a disputed farmland between Mabai village in Kholifa Mabang Chiefdom and Muckson Sesay’s village.

This is not the first time tension has risen in the area because of the land dispute. Over the years, skirmishes that posed threats to the community were reported in the area.

The Police in Mile 91 are investigating the recent attack on local farmers and the alleged firing of live gunshots that allegedly wounded the farmer.

Surprisingly, another report of gunshots being fired in the area also came up on Saturday and it prompted the police to make an unannounced visit to make sure there was calm. While at Mamaka, the police visited the residence of the President of the Farmers Association at a garden located off the town.

Muckson Sesay was accused of igniting tension in the area. A few days ago, this writer contacted Sesay to respond to allegations by the people of Mabai that he was the one igniting and fuelling the said land dispute. Though he promised to respond after a workshop with some local farmers in his Mamaka village, he has not done that after some days.

LUC Lagga stated while at the residence of Muckson that he would make sure he arrested anyone suspected of igniting the said dispute and he ordered his officers to search the house. A shotgun and cartridges were later discovered inside the house of Muckson, the President of the Farmers Association.

CSP Lagga, the LUC immediately ordered the arrest of Muckson Sesay and he was handcuffed and moved to Ropothka village where one of the men named Abiba accused of shooting at the farmer lives. While at Ropothka, the said Abiba was nowhere to be found, and the police vehicle had to go return to Muckson’s residence where the LUC and other officers were waiting.

All of those found around the vicinity of the house, the LUC ordered their arrest. But Muckson later pleaded that some of the men were just his workers and had nothing to do with the said allegation. LUC Lagga then ordered that those identified as workers be released and Muckson was later moved to the Mile 91 Police Station.

Before going to Mile 91, the LUC ordered the handcuff to be taken off his hands. Muckson later requested that he is given time to take his medicines because he is a pressure patient.

The medicine were later given to him. And the police vehicle with Muckson inside later left for Mile 91 Police Station.