The principal of the Providence International High School, REV. Alpheus Koroma has revealed that one of his staffs named Mr. Johnson was allegedly murdered by one sss3 pupil of his school on Saturday 11 March, 2023.

Rev Koroma refuted the claim that the boy was given any expulsion or suspension letter prior to the gruesome attack on the teacher and they never conducted a CTA meeting to inform parents and guardians that there are hideout in the school complex where pupils smoke and party.

He furthered that the only meeting they held on the 9th March 2023 was in relation to absenteeism.

He added that the student in question is known for being a little argumentative and self-protective

“We are saddened and we are not in support of his action, we condemn it out rightly as a barbaric savage and a gruesome attack on his teacher,” he added.