This afternoon June 15th, 2024, a large group of youths from the east end of Freetown marched to the Ross Road Police Station, voicing their grievances in the Krio language.

Chanting “E NOR EASY AAAA,” which translates to “It is not easy,” the demonstrators expressed their frustration and anger over the alleged overnight demolition of their business premises by police officers.

The affected youths, many of whom rely on their small businesses for daily sustenance, claim that the police action was unwarranted and has left them in dire straits. According to eyewitnesses, the demolitions occurred without prior notice or explanation, resulting in significant financial losses and leaving many entrepreneurs without a source of income.

One of the protestors, Mariama Kamara, a small-scale trader, tearfully recounted how she arrived at her stall this morning to find it reduced to rubble. “We are just trying to make an honest living,” she said. “Now, everything is gone. How are we supposed to survive?”

The youths demanded immediate answers from the police and called for justice and restitution.

The scene at Ross Road Police Station was tense, with the protestors blocking the entrance and chanting slogans. The police, while maintaining a visible presence, did not engage directly with the demonstrators.