The newly elected National President of Pujehun District Students Association (PuDSA), Sombo Fortune, along with her executive team, has initiated a peace-building and unification tour. The primary goal of the tour is to mend rifts among members and address grievances from opposing factions.

Sombo Fortune and her team will embark on a series of visits to affiliated universities within PuDSA. The tour aims to promote reconciliation, foster peace, and restore trust and confidence in the current leadership. The President intends to collaborate closely with all member universities to ensure effective communication and cooperation.

On the 27th of February 2024, the President convened with the leadership of IPAM-University of Sierra Leone (USL) as part of the ongoing tour. This meeting signifies PuDSA’s commitment to embracing all member universities, extending gratitude, and offering reconciliation to all aggrieved parties.

During the successful meeting at IPAM, members wholeheartedly embraced the purpose and mission of the visit, assuring the President of a peaceful environment within PuDSA. They reaffirmed their dedication and loyalty to the Association throughout her tenure.

Albert Kuyateh, the National Deputy Public Relations Officer, emphasized that this initiative underscores PuDSA’s dedication to fostering unity, harmony, and cooperation among its members. The tour is seen as a crucial step towards building a more inclusive and vibrant student association.