Pujehun District Students Association (PuDSA) recently presented awards to top participants of the Inter-Secondary School Best Speaker Competition.

Themed “The Cycle of Kush Addiction to Recovery,” the event held at the prestigious Pujehun Court Barry on 20th April 2024, was a convergence of talent and community engagement.

Top performers were rewarded generously, with the winner receiving Nle5000, Nle2000 for the 1st Runner-up, and Nle1000 for the third-place winner. Additionally, all participants were acknowledged with Nle100 cash prizes and certificates, fostering a culture of recognition and encouragement.

In a move to ensure inclusivity, PuDSA covered transportation expenses for pupils and teachers from schools beyond Pujehun Township, facilitating broader participation and exchange of ideas.

Miss Sombo Fortune, PuDSA’s President, lauded the competition’s role in nurturing public speaking skills and increasing awareness about the adverse effects of Kush addiction.

This year’s competition also marked a historic milestone as pupils and teachers from every corner of Pujehun District convened under the PuDSA banner, promoting collaboration and learning beyond school boundaries.