The Pujehun District Council has convened its first Extraordinary Council meeting on Thursday 14th September 2023, following the 2023 Multitier Elections.

The gathering, held in Bumpeh Town, Perri Chiefdom, Pujehun District, brought together a multitude of dignitaries and stakeholders from across the district.

The meeting commenced with an opening address by the Chief Administrator of Pujehun District Council, Sahr Emmanuel Yambasu. He expressed gratitude to all attendees for their commitment to the significant council meeting and introduced the newly elected District Council Chairman, Foday Kandeh Rogers. Yambasu reaffirmed the council’s unwavering dedication to advancing development in the District.

In his remarks, Chairman Foday Kandeh Rogers extended his heartfelt gratitude to all present and paid tribute to the late Paramount Chief of Perri Chiefdom, PC. Alhaji Kamara Koroma. He also commended the current Regent Chief of Perri Chiefdom Alhaji Bockarie Kpaka for successfully resolving a longstanding dispute between the Gbanhun and Bomie communities.

Honorable Dickson Momoh Rogers, Chief Whip of the Sierra Leone House of Parliament, emphasized the importance of cooperation with devolved sectors and efficient fund utilization. He pledged full support from the leadership of Pujehun district Parliamentarians and urged the council to work closely with the Chiefdom Authorities, particularly the Paramount Chiefs, to achieve the set-up goals outlined in President Bio’s Big Five Game Changer manifesto.

Highlighting the significance of agriculture, Honorable Dickson Rogers called upon the council and the Paramount Chiefs to lead the establishment of Chiefdom farms, a crucial component of President Bio’s manifesto, in support of the “Feed Salone” initiative.

In a resounding declaration of support, he announced his commitment to allocate funds and resources to bolster the council’s activities, including the donation of solar street lights, funds for a clock tower in Pujehun, and the provision of boats equipped with horsepower engines to enhance farming activities in riverine areas.

Honorable Shaika Musa Sama is also another Member of Parliament representing Pujehun District who had been recently appointed by the Parliament to sit in the Pujehun District Council. He expressed appreciation for President Bio’s support to the district and called for unity among stakeholders. He also pledged his support to donate solar street lights and cement towards the construction of the Pujehun clock tower.

Honorable Mariama Munia Zombo, also representing Pujehun District, thanked the President for his support towards women’s empowerment and encouraged women to engage in agriculture. She promised unwavering support for the council’s initiatives.

Chairman Foday Kandeh Rogers, in his keynote address, outlined his determination to bring positive change to the Pujehun District. He unveiled plans for a Clock Tower and solar street lights in the township, signaling his commitment to infrastructure development. Chairman Rogers also introduced the heads of various council committees, each responsible for vital aspects of governance, including education, agriculture, health, and more.

Speaking about the financial status of the Pujehun District Council, the Finance Officer highlighted the council’s significant achievements in promoting development across various chiefdoms in the district over the past five years, with support from the former Chief Minister, who also held the position of Minister of Finance. However, he expressed deep frustration regarding the delay in financial allocations from the government during the 2022-2023 fiscal year, which hindered the council’s duties. He confirmed the council’s receipt of the 2023 first-quarter allocation, totaling 1,668,000 new leones.

The event also featured meaningful contributions from representatives of various government departments and agencies, underscoring the collaborative spirit driving Pujehun District’s pursuit of progress and development.

The inaugural Extraordinary Council meeting stands as a pivotal moment in Pujehun’s journey toward prosperity, with newfound support and determination to address challenges and propel the district into the spotlight of development.