In a gesture of mutual respect and camaraderie, Alhaji Gassimu Sheriff, representing the Kpanga Chiefdom and serving as the Acting District Imam, along with counterparts, made a courtesy visit to the Pujehun Divisional Headquarters on Thursday, December 7, 2023. This visit follows his recent educational journey to Cairo, Egypt, alongside three other esteemed counterparts from various regions across the country.

The delegation, warmly received by ASP Mrs. Patricia Lombe, the Support Officer, and DTO D/Supt Mr. Lawrence Sao Taylor, expressed gratitude for the warm reception extended at the Divisional Headquarters and Pujehun, symbolizing a strong spirit of community and collaboration.

Acknowledging Alhaji Gassimu Sheriff’s successful completion of his studies and return with certificates, ASP Mrs. Patricia Lombe thanked him for his dedication to knowledge and service to both God and the community. She reassured the esteemed guest of the unwavering support and cooperation of the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) within this region whenever required.

The engagement concluded with Alhaji Gassimu Sheriff, as the Guest of Honor, offering recitations of Muslim prayers for the well-being of the LUC and the entire staff of the Division, underscoring the importance of unity, mutual respect, and collective prosperity within the community.

This courtesy call stands as a testament to the harmonious relationship between local leadership, represented by Alhaji Gassimu Sheriff, and law enforcement authorities, emphasizing collaboration and support for the betterment of the community.