Abdul Gassim Daramy, the District Youth Officer of Pujehun District under the Ministry of Youth Affairs embarked on a proactive mission on 18th and 19th March 2024, to educate and engage the youth across various communities including Bottom Mango, Bike Riders Union Park One, and Government Secondary School Massam Kpaka about the harmful effects of Kush.

The awareness campaign, spearheaded by Daramy, aimed to enlighten local youths about the detrimental consequences of Kush consumption.

Addressing the gatherings, Daramy emphasized that Kush, a potent form of cannabis, has gained popularity among young people in recent years, despite its serious health risks. He underscored the negative impacts of Kush on physical and mental health, academic performance, and overall well-being. Additionally, Daramy shed light on the legal ramifications associated with the use and distribution of illegal substances.

Through interactive sessions, Daramy provided accurate information to dispel misconceptions surrounding Kush and its effects. He encouraged participants to make informed decisions and prioritize their health and future aspirations.

The initiative led by Daramy received widespread praise from community leaders and residents, who recognized the significance of such interventions in safeguarding the welfare of the younger generation. Pupils and youths expressed gratitude for the proactive approach taken by the Ministry of Youth Affairs in addressing the issue of substance abuse.

With this educational campaign, the District Youth Officer has taken a significant step toward raising awareness and preventing the proliferation of harmful behaviors among the youth. The hope is that through sustained efforts and community support, the adverse impact of Kush and other substances can be mitigated, enabling the youth to lead healthier and more productive lives.