The Pujehun District Health Management Team (DHMT) organized a one-day stakeholder engagement on Thursday, 27th June 2024, to rally community support for the upcoming Free Measles-Rubella vaccination campaign, scheduled from June 29th to July 5th, 2024.

The meeting, held at the DHMT Conference Hall in Pujehun town, gathered a diverse group of local leaders and representatives, including Chiefdom Speakers, religious leaders, security personnel, teachers, youth groups, the Bike Riders Union (BRU), and members of the press.

Francis Kanneh, the District Social Mobilization Coordinator of Pujehun Government Hospital, provided an overview of the campaign, emphasizing the importance of community engagement and participation.

“Widespread public awareness and buy-in from our local stakeholders is essential for this campaign to reach every eligible child in Pujehun District,” Kanneh stated. “By working together, we can maximize vaccination coverage and protect our communities from the devastating effects of measles.”

The Free Measles-Rubella vaccination campaign is a nationwide initiative aimed at immunizing all children aged 9 months to 59 months against these highly contagious diseases.

Representatives from various stakeholder groups expressed their commitment to mobilizing their constituents and supporting the campaign. Religious leaders pledged to disseminate information through their congregations, while the Bike Riders Union (BRU) committed to leveraging its extensive network of motorcycle riders to raise awareness in remote areas.