The Office of the Chief Minister orchestrated a thought-provoking event—the Radical Inclusion Debate Trophy—in Moyamba District, involving fourteen secondary schools from April 30th to May 1st, 2024.

This initiative aimed to stimulate discussions around the government’s transformative initiatives, known as the “Big Five,” through the lens of radical inclusion.

Mr. Emmanuel Alie, a key figure within the National Organizing Team, highlighted the debate’s objectives, emphasizing its role in fostering students’ memory retention, confidence, and public speaking skills.

Under the guidance of Mr. Mustapha Whai, the Chairman of the debate, transparent judging criteria were established to bolster contestants’ confidence and ensure fair evaluations. Excitement peaked as prizes were announced, with the winning school set to receive fifteen thousand Leones, followed by ten thousand Leones for the runner-up and five thousand Leones for the third-place holder.

Participating schools, including Howard Memorial Secondary School, Prosperity Girls High School, and St. Peter’s Secondary School, brought forth a diverse range of perspectives and analytical prowess during the competition.

As the competition progressed, Harford School for Girls, St. Joseph’s Vocational Secondary School, and Government Secondary School, Moyamba Junction, emerged as finalists, showcasing their intellectual mettle. Ultimately, Harford School for Girls clinched the top position, followed by St. Joseph’s Vocational Secondary School and Moyamba Boys Secondary School. Government Secondary School, Moyamba Junction, was lauded for producing the best debater.

The event concluded with the distribution of prizes and reimbursement of travel expenses for participants and coaches, embodying the spirit of intellectual exchange and spirited competition that characterized the Radical Inclusion Debate Trophy in Moyamba District.