A senior journalist at Radio Democracy, Musa Kamara said he has received several threats following a controversial interview with the US Ambassador to Sierra Leone, David Reimer.

I has been dramatic in the last 24 hours since that my interview with the outgoing US Ambassador to Sierra Leone, David Reimer,” Kamara said.

He added that he has received several threatening remarks on social media and personal text messages. He noted that the threats are a cause for concern and notified the radio station’s management and the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ).

Going forward I feel scared to do the job I love,” Kamara said in an interview with Sierraloaded.

Kamara’s interview with Ambassador Reimer was leaked on Wednesday. In the interview, Reimer said the United States is concerned about the 24 June election results. He added that they want an independent institution to investigate the results.

The 2023 elections are believed to be one of the most controversial multitier elections Sierra Leone has conducted in recent times.

The outcome of the elections currently harbors an impasse between the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party and the main opposition party, All People’s Congress (APC) The APC have boycotted government and governance citing statistical inconsistencies with the announced results.