The Makeni Municipality and it’s environs have been hard hit against by heavy rainfall and storms resulting in a number of houses being destroyed by flooding which erupted in the early morning hour’s of Tuesday, June 28, 2022.

It’s the third since April that the north eastern Region city and it’s environs have been
badly hit by the heavy rainfall and storm. The last two occurred in the first week of April and on the eve of this year’s pray day with damages to roofs of schools, dwelling houses and shops being lifted away by the breeze.

The latest heavy rainfall and storm caused countless losses and destruction of valuable properties and houses in strategic locations near the central business area of Makeni, swampy areas and its environs.

Kabala highway, Lower John Street, Station road Mabanta road,
Magburaka road, Rogbaneh road, Masuba, Talent town, Makama, properties to Mabanta road and other lower John street had to empty their stores on Tuesday. Morning when the rain
had ceased to bail out flooded water stakeholders, from their shops and to separate properties destroyed from others. Residents from some oother communities affected were forced to spend sleepless nights as well bailing out the water from inside their houses and relocating their properties to safe spaces except for others who whose dwelling houses were completely destroyed by the flooding .

It was this view of many residents that, the damages to houses have been prevented in Makeni if the Makeni City Council , Ministry of Lands, Local stakeholders, Environment Protection Agency and other related line ministries had teamed up to prevent the rampant construction of permanent structures in Swampy areas as well as along main streets near drainages