Rokel Commercial Bank customers at Lumley and Juba in Freetown would now have an opportunity to access banking services beyond traditional banking hours and on weekends. RCBank has opened its second agency banking service at the precincts of its imposing Juba branch in the west end of Freetown. At a short ceremony held last week, RCBank’s Head of Operations, Adikalie Kamara posited;

“To date, we have opened 18 new branches, 9 outlets, several ATMs and a lot of other products. We are taking banking to the doorsteps of our people because the government, through the National Strategy for Financial Inclusion says everyone must have access to financial services….”

Managing Director of Rokel Commercial Bank, Amb. Dr. Walton Gilpin, emphasized on the need for Sierra Leoneans to develop a banking culture, whilst reiterating that financial institutions have a responsibility to provide easier and comfortable access to financial services for the general populace.

“Through these invocations, we are also pushing the unbanked population in Sierra Leone to have bank accounts. The ability to access finance at any point in time is a major growth indicator, as this will invariably help boost businesses and improve the overall wellbeing of citizens.”

An RCbank Customer, Salamatu Nyallay, who is a petty trader at Lumley Market, expressed gratitude for the new service, as according to her, “I will no longer have to wait until Mondays and I will now have access to my money even when the main bank is closed”

The arrangement through which a bank provides basic financial services through an agent rather than an in-house cashier is called Agency Banking. It is a type of branchless banking that allows the traditional banks to extend their network of branches and services in a cost-efficient manner.