Rokel Commercial Bank has today Friday 17th March, 2023 provided support to victims of the fire incident that burnt down settlement of Masandor Village in Bonthe District on Friday 3rd March, 2023.

During the presentation of the humanitarian relief supply to the affected people, Rev. Samuel Palmer – Senior elder of the Bonthe community welcomed RCBank staff to the District and lamented on the terrible fire outbreak that adversely affected one of the scarcely populated slum villages of Sitta Chiefdom Bonthe District.

He stated that most of the houses in the community of Masandor Village were burnt down leaving more than 100 people homeless including their school-going children.

He added that the wildfire devastated 12 of the village’s local structures including valuables and properties, forcing the inhabitants to live in dreadful conditions.

In appreciation of the humanitarian gesture, Rev. Palmer said special thanks to the Management of Rokel Commercial Bank, the Managing Director Dr. Ekundayo W. Gilpin, the Risk Director Mr. Morison Conteh, the Head of Marketing Mrs. Mariama Jajua and to the rest of the team members that were present to donate the gift items.

The Sectional Chief of Masandor Village – Chief Momoh Koroma also welcomed RCBank staff to the District and considered the visit to be timely. He revealed how the fire disaster has disrupted the activities of people within the community and how the bank’s response will revive the people of Masandor.

Mr. Morison Conteh, the Risk Director of RCBank who led the team on behalf of Rokel Commercial Bank commented on the importance of the donated items. He considered the various relief items as part of the bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility.

He furthered that some of the gifted items have come from the personal contributions of staff and that the donated items will not replace all that has been lost; but will help to relieve some of the pain, stress and trauma that may have affected the people of Masandor Village.

The head of the Marketing Department Mrs. Mariama Jajua also encouraged the people of Masandor Village that they have to be courageous, strong and resilient; as this is not the end of their lives. “There is life after this” she stated.

Another elderly statesman, who was the former Deputy Mayor of Bonthe District Mr. Mohamed Robinson applauded the steps taken by the bank under the current leadership to respond to the plea made by the people of Masandor Village and praised the activities of the bank. He considered the bank’s presence to be a blessing for the people of the District. He encouraged other goodwill ambassadors to replicate the activities of Rokel Commercial Bank to be seen as a Good Corporate Citizen.

The Public Relations Officer of RCBank Mr. Aruna Dumbuya encouraged the community people to bring  their monies and valuables for safekeeping at the bank, as any fire incident may destroy money and valuables which may adversely affect the livelihood of people.

The Officer-in-Charge of RCBank Bonthe Outlet, Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed Konneh also considered the fire incident to be disastrous and further commented on the open door policy of the bank in meeting the needs and expectations of the people of Bonthe.

He encouraged the community people to knock at the doorsteps of the bank at any point in time as Rokel Commercial Bank is an indigenous bank and the bank of choice.