In a commendable effort to ensure the safety and security of citizens within his Areas Of Responsibility, the Regional Police Commander South, AIG Brima Kanneh, orchestrated a successful deployment at the Gbangbatoke community. This strategic move was prompted by the community’s expressed concern for increased security measures.

AIG Brima Kanneh, known for prioritizing proactive policing, emphasized the effectiveness of the community policing system in fostering a collaborative approach to maintaining law and order. He affirmed his commitment to staying ahead of situations with the unwavering support received from the community.

“I am always on top of situations with the support I often get from the community people after introducing the community policing system,” stated AIG Kanneh, underlining the importance of community engagement in promoting public safety.

The Regional Police Commander urged the residents of the South region to actively contribute to the collective security effort by providing necessary information that could lead to the swift apprehension of offenders. This call for cooperation underscores the crucial role played by the community in assisting law enforcement agencies in identifying and addressing potential threats.

AIG Brima Kanneh’s proactive deployment and call for community support reflect a commitment to fostering a secure environment for all residents under his jurisdiction. As the Regional Police Commander continues to prioritize the well-being of citizens, it is anticipated that this collaborative approach will lead to sustained peace and security in the South region.