Intelligence gathered within Makeni suggests that the burial of Evangelist Samson will lead to another commotion in the city of Makeni, like what happened years back when those that lost their lives over the generator saga were taken for burial.

It could be recalled that tear gas canisters were fired when the youths faced the police chanting invectives while carrying the corpses for burial. The situation was put under control though it Lead to series of public disturbances.

This medium is being hinted that the decision to release the body of Samson is being contemplated by the Sierra Leone police and there is possibility that his body might not be released for fear of instability as he was deemed as an unofficial Social Media Spokesman for the opposition All People’s Congress Party.

The police are cautious and wary of public disorder and the degeneration of security in Makeni.

At the moment, Makeni is relatively peaceful, calm and quiet with the youths showing some amount of restraints as some don’t want to identify themselves with the late man, fearing they might be arrested.

Osman Dumbuya, a friend said they need the young man’s body so it will be laid to rest to meet those before us. He said no amount of violence will bring him back and called on the youths to refrain from violence or attacking security forces.

His family members are calling on the government to hand over the remains of Samson for burial.

The Family’s solicitor, Lansana Dumbuya, who has run for the secretary general position of the APC, a number of times, has addressed a letter to the Minister of Internal Affairs, copying the Inspector General of Police, the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, including the UN Human Right Commission and the Extra- Ordinary African Chambers. In his letter, Dumbuya claimed that Samson died on 11th August, 2022 at Station Road in Makeni but the police stated that the incident took place on the 14th August, 2022.

That the right of his client is being violated by the SLP pursuant to section 16(1) of the 1991 constitution.

That the family be allowed to identify the corpse and allow to take it for befitting burial.

The SLP released that

“Following the insurrection by misguided individuals on the 10th of August 2022 resulting in destruction of properties and loss of lives in the affected areas, the security forces have been conducting raids on hideouts for perpetrators of the said insurrection.

“Targeted areas in Freetown were successfully raided and suspects arrested were handed over to the Criminal Investigations Department Headquarters at Pademba Road in Freetown for thorough investigations.

“In order to prevent any other insurrection, similar raids were extended to towns and cities in the provinces including Makeni,Magburaka and Kamakwie.

“Acting on intelligence, the security forces were successful in their raids of several hideouts in Makeni were suspects arrested were handed over to the police for investigations. However when security forces acting on intelligence on the 14th of August 2022 stormed a place where ex combatant had assembled & poised to make further attacks, they took to their hills. While they were being pursued by security forces, another group from a makeshift structure at Station Road in Makeni opened fire on them.

“During the crossfire, one Hassan S. Dumbuya aka Evangelist Samson was killed and four others were arrested. Those arrested are now helping the police with investigations. One(1) light sub machine gun 9x26mm was found at the scene of the incident (Makeshift structure).

“The Sierra Leone Police (SLP) is hereby ordering all those declared wanted to surrender to the nearest Police Station or Post. The SLP is also appealing to the general public to give the Police any useful information that can lead to the arrest of those perpetrators who are now at large.

Meanwhile no official statement has been issued on the handing over of the dead bodies to relatives as family continue to hope and pray that the remains of the dead are handed over for immediate burial.