Amara Steven Koroma, a resident of Bo City, is pleading for assistance after a devastating fire razed their property at 59 Foday Street, Nduvudu section, Bo City.

According to Amara On Monday, while he was out conducting business with his younger brother, they received a call that their apartment and others were engulfed in flames at approximately 5-6 pm.

They rushed back to find the entire building consumed by the fire and were unable to salvage anything as all their belongings had turned to ash.

Amara revealed that their remaining business capital of over 10 million, their properties, his international passport, which he had received only six months ago, and his driver’s license were all destroyed, leaving them with nothing.

He is requesting assistance and seeking the help of kind-hearted individuals who are willing to provide any support they can.

They presently have no place to stay, no capital to restart their business, and his two younger brothers are supposed to sit for the upcoming WACCE exams, but everything has taken a turn for the worse.

Watch the video below: