As evidenced by the overcrowding and long waiting times at the National Civil Registration Authority office, Gbaima Road Reservation Bo. Citizens from all residents 15 chiefdoms in Bo district are struggling to obtain their national ID cards, with only one office available for the entire district.

The situation has led to frustration among citizens, with reports of favoritism and unfair treatment. Many citizens have had to arrive at the office as early as 3:00 a.m. in order to secure their place in line, only to be overlooked in favor of others.

The national ID card holds great importance for citizens, as it is a crucial form of identification that is required for various official transactions and services. The government has set a deadline of March 31, 2024, for citizens to obtain their national ID cards, but the current process is proving to be slow and inadequate.

Citizens are appealing to the government to extend the deadline and to establish additional outlets or stations in the Bo district to facilitate the card issuance process. They argue that the current office is insufficient for the exercise, especially considering that Bo is the second city in the region.

Despite the challenges, citizens have expressed their gratitude to the government for making the national ID card durable, available, and affordable. However, they are calling for improvements to the process to ensure that all citizens have the opportunity to obtain their cards in a timely and fair manner.