RESOLVE, has collaborated with the Kono District Council Chairman, Yormata Farmers, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, National Mineral Agency, Environment Protection Agency, and other dignitaries in a stride towards environmental restoration and sustainable agriculture to celebrate the successful harvest of onions in Yigbeda Community, Nimikoro Chiefdom.

The event marked a momentous occasion for the Farmer Based Organizations (FBO) and highlighted the transformation of previously barren land into a thriving agricultural hub.

The land, abandoned and rendered unproductive due to mining activities for over two decades, has undergone a remarkable transformation. In 2023, RESOLVE spearheaded efforts to restore this degraded land, making it viable for farming and the cultivation of various crops and vegetables. Today’s harvest stands as a testament to the success of these efforts and the resilience of the local farming community.

The symbolic harvest event, attended by numerous dignitaries and stakeholders, underscored the collaborative spirit driving this initiative. With the support of RESOLVE and other key partners, the FBOs have demonstrated that environmental restoration and agricultural productivity can go hand in hand, benefitting both the ecosystem and the livelihoods of the local communities.

The restored land now plays a crucial role in food security for the Nimikoro Chiefdom, offering a sustainable source of income and nutrition for its residents. The initiative aligns with broader goals of reviving ecosystems, conserving natural resources, and improving community livelihoods. By turning degraded land into productive farmland, RESOLVE and its partners are setting a precedent for similar projects in other regions.

“Our commitment to reviving ecosystems, restoring environments, conserving natural resources, and improving the livelihoods of communities is unwavering,” said a representative from RESOLVE. “Today’s harvest is not just about onions; it’s about hope, resilience, and the power of collective action. Together, we can achieve food security and sustainable development for our communities.”

The success of the Yigbeda Community project serves as an inspiring example of what can be achieved through dedication, partnership, and innovative restoration techniques. As the community celebrates this milestone, RESOLVE remains dedicated to its mission of fostering sustainable practices and ensuring a prosperous future for all.