Wrapping Up Road Maintenance Sites And Contractors Handing Over: Bo Deputy Mayor Applauds Contractors For Quality And Timeliness

The Bo City Council has on Friday 20th May, 2022 concluded symbolic handing over of sites and contractors for the 2022 Road Maintenance Fund Administration (RMFA) funded roadworks in the city. It should be noted that 17 single box culverts will be constructed under the said project and as such, all 17 political wards in the municipality will each benefit from the culvert construction in order to link communities to others; and as well link communities to basic social amenities.

Serving as Chairman for the handing over in six communities, Deputy Chief Administrator of the Bo City Council, Arthur Allieu informed the people that one of the core mandates of local councils is to bring forth tangible and sustainable development which will bring comfort to its residents. “In the midst of bringing these developments to your doorsteps for your comfort, we cannot do so, keeping you far away from them. We should inform you about them and equally allow you to be part of the entire process so that together with you, we can all ensure we have a good job done and in like vane ensure transparency and accountability,” Arthur Allieu stated.

He furthered by revealing to community people that funds for the project are from the Central government via the Road Maintenance Fund Administration (RMFA) and contractors being handed over have not just been handpicked, rather; due procurement procedures have been followed unto this level thus he beckoned community people to work with them.

Delivering keynote address and formally handing over the sites and contractors to the community people, the Deputy Mayor of the Bo City Council, David J. N. Smart reiterated the need for the people to join forces with the contractors to carry out the project, and laid emphasis on quality and timely delivery. “To the contractors, what we need is a standard job, in line with the timeframe given you to complete this job,” he intimated strongly.

The Deputy Mayor pointed out that money for the project is tax payers money and thus “value for money is keen.” He said that there have been culverts built by contractors which did not last long before sinking but the Council and the government by extension is not interested in like results; “we want culverts that will last longer and even when SLRA decides to develop these roads, your constructed culverts will not be broken since it will be of quality.” David J. N. Smart charged the community people to ensure materials meant for the project are used for it as all this ensures quality.

A beneficiary at Court Road, whom is the chairlady for the said area, Madam Kosia stated that she and other members of the community have been through strains in the hands of the deplorable road in their community. She confessed that vehicle owners have long stopped plying the route and even commercial motorbikes find it hard plying the route.

However, the construction of a culvert at the said road is a relief to her and other members of the community, for which she lavished praises on the Ward Councillor, Osu Kebbay, the Bo City Council and the Central government. Madam Kosia on behalf of her people re-echoed to the contractors the need for quality, timelines and the use of community youths for unskilled labour.

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