Sierra Leone’s Road Safety and other organizations are planning measures to enhance safety and maintain the Wellington-Masiaka highway for the country’s citizens.

Other participants in the meeting focused on sustainable road development included the CRSG (Central Road Standards Group) and the technical committee, addressing aspects such as road maintenance, lifespan, and comfort.

It was reported that, few weeks ago, the CRSG (China Railway Seventh Group) sent a letter to Dr. Denis Sandy, the Minister of Works and Public Assets, requesting the government of Sierra Leone to consider reviewing the toll charges at each of the gates within the country.

The second presentation which happened  the 24 November 2023, the CRSG (China Railway Seventh Group) reiterated their request for a review of the toll charges on the Wellington to Masiaka toll road following the first  presentation that was done on 17 November 2023, as they demand a response from the minister in relation to their presentations.

The technical committee has met on the discussion to finalize the issue and get to clarify the stands of the government and other possible solutions towards the cost of her price at the tollgate. The said technical Committee includes representatives from various government ministries, departments, agencies, the Members of the works Committee in Parliament Which includes both SLPP and APC MPs, The President of Motor Drivers Union Mr Bah, civil society, and the media.

The CRSG has been advocating for a reconsideration of the toll charges, presumably due to concerns about affordability, fairness, or other related issues. The technical committee’s meeting aimed to address these concerns and determine the appropriate steps