President Koroma’s Local Government Minister, Diana Konomanyi Kabba lost her hand bag to motor bike rider at Charles street in Freetown where she went to attend Church service in the morning hours of Sunday, November 1, 2015 at about 10:am.

According to reports, She explained to a lady friend how she had left her house in Goderich to attend Church service, only to have her hand bag ‘full of very important items’ snatched from her by two young men on motor bike as she was closing her car.

“I don’t mind the cash, but spiritual protection items are gone. I am finished. Anything can happen to me at anytime now”, she confessed to the lady.

She said, she believes that she had been followed by the two men on the motor bike.

According to a Kono lady who once stayed with Diana Konomanyi Kabba, “She always had in her bag two short and black looking nomolies she uses to conjure things be it enemies or friendly intentions. If these were in that bag, then she’s in for trouble”.

Meanwhile, her wish to get the Mayor of Kono removed according to directives from president Koroma has back fired in kono.

The konos, from all angles are under serious tribal attacks from president Koroma. Many have been removed from their jobs, some imprisoned and banned from traveling to the district. While the few remaining in government jobs have secret police agents trailing them. As long as you are identified as a Kono man, you are seen as a Sam Sumana sympathizer.

Sam Sumana left Freetown three weeks ago and though the president did not openly said he was under house arrest, the government’s reaction to his leaving made it clear that he was under an un announced house arrest.

Our previous leaders did not perpetrate any act of maltreatment against any particular tribe because we are a people we practice and encourage religious and tribal tolerance. But since president Koroma assumed the presidency of Sierra Leone the ugly head of tribalism has surface and promoted by president Koroma.

Today the authorities and other tribes are silent over president Koroma’s maltreatment of the Konos, tomorrow it could be any other tribe.