An employee of Royal Air Moroc Airlines, Regina Essien, appeared before Magistrate Sahr Kekura of Pademba Road Court No. 1 in Freetown on three counts charges ranging from office breaking and larceny contrary to section 26 (1) of the Larceny Act of 1916, malicious damage contrary to section 51 of the Malicious Damage Act of 1861 and threatening to burn a house down contrary to section 50 of the Malicious Damage Act of 1861.

According to the particulars of the offense, it was alleged that the accused person on 27th October 2023, at Wilkinson Road in Freetown with intent to steal broke into the office of the Royal Air Moroc and stole therein a cash amount of $31,925 (thirty-one thousand nine hundred and twenty- five United States dollars) equivalent to NLe15,375 (fifteen thousand three hundred and seventy-five thousand leones), an HP laptop valued at $600 (six hundred United States dollars), six jerry cans of diesel valued at NLe1,200 (one thousand two hundred leones), and two 23kg sets of luggage valued at $460 (four hundred and sixty United States dollars) each.

The converted properties have a total value of NLe85,867 (eighty-five thousand eight hundred and sixty-seven leones), property of Royal Air Maroc.

Count two stated that the accused person maliciously damaged five doors, three cupboards, seven CCTV cameras plus a DVR all to the total sum of NLe76,211 (seventy-six thousand two hundred and eleven leones) properties of the said Air Moroc.

According to count three, the accused threatened to burn down the house at 16b Wilkinson Road in Freetown.

When the charges were read and explained to the accused person, she pleaded not guilty. ASP Mansaray led the first witness, Abdulrahim Saadana, who took the witness stand to testify. In his testimony, he identified himself as the Country Manager of Air Maroc situated at 168 Wilkinson Road in Freetown.

The witness added that he knew the accused person in this case according to CCTV footage. He recalled that on 27th October 2023, the witness explained that on the above date, his colleague called and gave him some information, and based on that he went to the office and found doors broken, including his office, his safe which contained millions of leones in cash, HP computers, which where all missing.

The witness continued that when he saw the place and noticed the missing items, he took snapshots and called the police who also came and took snapshots of the scene of the crime. Reports and statements were also taken from the staff members.

During the process of investigation, he said they were checking the CCTV camera footage together with the police when a lady in the footage opened the door and identified herself as the accused person.

The witness was cross-examined by defense counsel C. B. Davies. The incident happened by 4 am, sometime before the accused person went to the office to meet her friend who works at the said office for commercial purposes. The security identified the accused person through the CCTV camera. At this stage, the prosecutor, Inspector M. Tarawallie asked for an adjourned date for the second witness to testify in court, which was granted.

But before the adjourned date defense counsel C. B. Davies renewed his application for bail for and on behalf of his clients.

Magistrate Sahr Kekura granted the accused person bail in the sum of NLe250,000 (two hundred and fifty million old leones) with two sureties who must be employed in a government institution in Sierra Leone and produce valid identity cards depicting their addresses in Freetown.

Bail is to be approved by the Deputy Assistant Registrar. The matter was adjourned to 18th April 2024, for the fourth hearing.