In a remarkable display of philanthropy, Dr. Mustapha Abdulai Koroma has generously donated ten million leones to support the construction of a staff quarter at Saadia Islamic Primary School. This significant contribution aims to address the persistent security challenges that the school has faced due to the lack of on-site accommodation for teachers.

Saadia Islamic Primary School, situated at a considerable distance from the main community, has been plagued by recurrent thefts. Over the years, valuable learning materials, staff room furniture, food supplies, and electric cables have been stolen, severely disrupting the school’s operations. The absence of teachers on the school premises during the night has left the school vulnerable to these criminal activities.

Recognizing the urgent need to secure the school’s assets and ensure the safety of both pupils and staff, the School Management Committee (SMC) and school authorities devised a plan to construct a staff quarter. This initiative aimed to enable teachers to reside within the school compound, thereby deterring thieves and protecting school property.

Despite their determination, the school authorities faced significant financial constraints. Appeals for contributions were made to the citizens of Barri Chiefdom, particularly those from the Potoru Fallay section, to fund the building project. However, it was Dr. Koroma’s substantial donation that provided the much-needed breakthrough.

Upon receiving the ten million leones, the SMC and school staff expressed their profound gratitude, describing Dr. Koroma as a God-sent leader and a redeemer for Constituency 099. Despite not holding an official leadership position in the constituency, Dr. Koroma has consistently demonstrated his commitment to community development through various acts of generosity and support.

Dr. Koroma’s dedication to his community is evident through his numerous contributions and unwavering support, making him a respected figure and a true father of development in Constituency 099, Pujehun District. The SMC and teachers of Saadia Islamic Primary School extend their heartfelt thanks to Dr. Koroma for his invaluable support, which has not only safeguarded school property but also ensured the well-being of both pupils and staff.

“May God bless you handsomely and reward you abundantly for your kindness and dedication to our community,” the SMC and school staff expressed in their message of appreciation.