What many residents described as the illegal sacking of a senior Section Chief in Yoni Mabanta Chiefdom, in the Northern District of Tonkolili has sparked widespread criticism and controversies and thus implicated a member of the current ruling family of that Chiefdom.

In multiple interviews conducted on March 17th and 18th 2024 by our medium, residents said the sacking of the Section Chief is not only illegal but also contravenes the law.

A few weeks ago, Pa Kapr Kabia, Section Chief of Roruks Section says he was dismissed from his position and has since stopped acting as the administrative head of the Section after a letter from the Paramount Chief ordered him to do so.

Chief Kabia is the oldest and the most senior Section Chief in Yoni Mabanta Chiefdom and his sacking has been criticized almost across the Chiefdom. Having occupied the position for over three decades, the Section Chief who is also one of the oldest Ceremonial Chiefs in the Chiefdom was removed and replaced by one Alhaji Kamara of Mafokoya village.

However, what angered many residents was the view that the Section Chief did not commit any offence, nor contravene any breach of the Chieftaincy ethics.

Abu Lothy Kamara, Yoni Mabanta Chiefdom Treasury Clerk confirmed he was the author of the letter, and he added it was PC Fullahmassa Gbabereh, the Paramount Chief who ordered him to do so.

Alhassan Fullah, the blood brother of Paramount Chief Fulamasa Gbabereh and a member of the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) was alleged to be the one behind the action. Over the years, Fullah has been severally accused usurping the powers of his brother, the Paramount Chief. On many occasions, he would just wake up and allegedly do things unlawfully and with impunity.

But Fullah denied the allegation when contacted over the phone. He said he has nothing to do with the sacking of the Chief.

The Paramount Chief was not around when this reporter visited the Chiefdom and several attempts to get him over the phone have proven fruitless.

Meanwhile, the matter has strained the relationship between the Paramount Chief and the people. The sacked Section Chief has traveled to Freetown to challenge the Paramount Chief’s decision which he says is Illegal.