The Sierra Leone Teacher’s Union (SLTU) has announced that the government has agreed to pay the 15 per cent increment proposed effective January 2023.

In a press release issued on Saturday afternoon, the Union praised the government for their effort but also said that they were expecting more increments.

The SLTU further pleaded with the government to address other pressing issues they tabled during the negotiations they had earlier and asked the government to continue to cooperate with them in order for them to continue to offer their best service.

The Union asked teachers to continue to work with resilience by rendering their service to school pupils, and pleaded with the members to complement the Free and Quality Education (FQE) project.

This increment in teachers’ salaries is amid news that the government is also planning to make an increment in the minimum wage.

The move by the government has been greeted positively by some locals citing the country’s poor cost of living.