A self-help community project to construct a mosque was commissioned today, Tuesday 20 December, 2022 by Dr Samura Kamara in Mano Yorgbor, Bagbo Chiefdom Bo District.

Dr Kamara contributed immensely to the project and was called by the community to officially commission and lay a brick for the construction.

He said, “ building the house of God requires commitment, and every cent spent must be clean in the eyes of God. We must also be clean in spirit as we further this project.”

Hon Momodu Maligi, who is facilitating a southern provincial tour for APC flagbearer, to the gathering at the commissioning, said that works for God should not be politicised but admonished the community to consider the gesture from Dr Samura Kamara, a relationship established to last forever.

The leading APC flag bearer candidate presented a quantum of money towards the project.

The program was initiated by popular social media political activist Mohamed Moriba.