Dr. Samura Kamara, the leader and former Presidential candidate of the APC, conveyed a heartfelt and sympathetic message to the victims affected by the catastrophic fire outbreak in the Kroo Bay Community situated in Western Area Freetown.

In his message, Dr. Kamara expressed profound sadness upon hearing about the devastating incident, acknowledging the immediate and far-reaching impact on the community.

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected, as well as the brave emergency responders and volunteers who are working tirelessly to provide relief,” he shared.

Understanding the gravity of the situation, Dr. Kamara emphasized the need for unity and support during such challenging times. He urged individuals to extend any form of aid, whether emotional, financial, or material, emphasizing the significance of collective effort.

In times like these, it’s essential for all of us to come together to offer any support we can,” Dr. Kamara stated. He further encouraged contributions to immediate relief efforts and long-term recovery initiatives facilitated by local charities and NGOs.

Additionally, he stressed the importance of providing accurate information and resources for the community’s recovery, cautioning against the circulation of false information through social media. Dr. Kamara highlighted the necessity of relying on verified sources for updates on the situation.

As the Kroo Bay Community embarks on the challenging path towards rebuilding and healing, Dr. Kamara reminded everyone of the importance of unity, resilience, and compassion in overcoming such adversities. He concluded his message by extending his deepest sympathies to all those affected, assuring them that they are not alone, and emphasizing solidarity with the affected community.

This poignant message from Dr. Samura Kamara stands as a beacon of hope and support for the Kroo Bay Community during this trying period.