Police at the Rogbaneh Police Station in Makeni city have arrested four people and declared others including a Senior Section Chief wanted for allegedly stripping a man in Mara’s chiefdom naked.

On Wednesday, November 30th, 2022, the Section Chief, Alimamy James Fullah, who is currently on the run ordered a group of men to strip naked a man they alleged to have stolen a goat in Mara town, Bombali District.

The man, Alpha Gbla, 30, was seen in a video that went viral on social media naked with charcoal rubbed on his entire body. Gbla was accused by one Abdul Borbor of stealing a goat, and the Section Chief ordered that the man be naked and dance through the entire village. Villagers were seen dancing behind the victim.

According to the chiefdom authorities, a law was passed recently by the Paramount Chief that those caught stealing are to dance naked through the village. But in Gbla’s case, no investigation has proven that he stole the said goat.

The action of the Chief was widely condemned because it was outdated and unconstitutional to strip one naked for an allegation without being taken to the police station.

However, the matter was reported to the police, and four have been arrested. Fullah, the chief that ordered the man to be stripped naked and beaten up and others are on the run.

Among those arrested are; Pa Usif Kamara, a stakeholder in the chiefdom, Abdul Borbor Koroma, Mohamed Larkoh, and Sullay Kabia.

Police are investigating the matter. This reporter was on the scene when the arrest was done.