Sierra Leone’s chief Minister, Dr. David Moinina Sengeh has thrown light on the suspension of operation of US transport company FedEx to Sierra Leone.

“Seems that the suspension has been on since at least March 1st March 2022. Why? I don’t know,” Minister Sengeh reacted to a post on Twitter which suggested that the company suspended its operation in the country due political instability.

The post, originally from entrepreneur Sheka Forna, said the US company has suspended operations to Sierra Leone due to “the current political situation”. The post read that the company has ceased to offer services to and from Sierra Leone.

Forna suggested in the post that the company could have suspended their operations in the country due to negative messages coming out of the country.

But Sengeh, at first, suspected the message to be that of propaganda from “some mischievous individuals”.

The Chief Minister, in his recent reaction to the issue, said the government will work to help bring services to Sierra Leone. Sengeh also shared a screenshot of the last time the company made delivery to and from Sierra Leone which was in March 2022.