Sierra Leone’s Chief Minister, Dr David Moinina Sengeh on Saturday paid a surprised visit to two major Ataya Bases in the Central Business District of Sackville Streets and Regent Streets.

His visit was geared at discussing the government’s plans for the youths and the importance of stamping out drug abuse in the country.

Speaking to them during the interactive meeting, the Chief Minister reechoed President Bio’s five-point agenda, emphasizing the gains expected within the next couple of years, mostly on youth empowerment and food security.

The ataya base youths in their response expressed joy over his kind gesture to interact with them as no government official has ever associated with them before, aside from election campaign trails.

They thanked and appreciated the Minister and promised to be law-abiding and peaceful as they anticipate a more cordial relationship with the powers that be in subsequent visits.

Chief Minister Sengeh commended them for their resilience and peaceful roles during the June 24th polls. He moreover reminded them that the era of politics is now over and as youths, they were expected to join the president in transforming the lives of everyone living in the country. He further thanked them for accepting to play host to him, even though it was a surprise visit.

He concluded, by admonishing the youths to abstain from all forms of drug abuse and misuse, with special emphasis on Kush, which has become a menace to many young people in the country, stating that a drug-free youth is a prosperous generation.