Police have arrested seven suspects in Gbangbatoke Lower Banta Chiefdom Moyamba District for Public Order Offenses ranging from Disorderly Behaviour, Obstruction of Police Duties, and Throwing Missiles among others.

Gbangbatoke is a small town in Moyamba District in the Southern province of Sierra Leone.

The incident occurred during an official preparation on the arrival of delegation from Freetown accompanying the Paramount Chief of Lower Banta Chiefdom Moyamba District PC John Jibao Russell Nyama ll for his reinstatement.

The seven suspects been identified as David Conteh, Alieu Abu, Alpha Kanneh, Ansumana Gassama, Abubakarr Gassimu, Mohamed Sillah and Sylvester Kamara are currently under Police detection helping the Police with their investigations at the Regional Police Headquarters in Bo.
In defiance of the initial circumstances, the reinstatement ceremony proceeded peacefuly and calmness has been undoubtedly re-established.

PC John Jibao Russell Nyama ll was asked by the Government of Sierra Leone to leave his Chiefdom for security reasons and was out for several years after series of allegations purported against him including misappropriation of Chiefdom funds and unlawful removal of sub-chiefs by some certain set of people in the Chiefdom, until Thursday 15th February, 2024 when the Government through the Ministry of Local Government and Community Affairs asked for his return back to his Chiefdom as the democratically elected Paramount Chief of Lower Banta Chiefdom Moyamba District.