Appeals Court Judge, Hon Justice Komba Kamanda JA, on Friday 14th October 2022 sentenced a 30-year-old man who was found guilty of sexually penetrating a young girl below the age of consent, to 20 years imprisonment.

The accused was charged under section 19 of the Sexual Offences Act 2012 as amended by the 2019 Act with the offense of Sexual
Penetration before the presiding Judge at the Sexual Model Offenses Court sitting at Siaka Steven Street in Freetown.

The accused Moseray Kamara sexually penetrated the victim who was sent by her aunty to buy soap. The victim father made the discovery when upon her return after sometime was limping. He immediately informed the victim’s aunty who took her for medical examination where it was observed that she has been tampered with.

The Prosecution which was led by State Counsel Lawyer Yusif Isaac Sesay, led in evidence five witnesses of which the victim was the first to testify on oath. In her evidence, the Victim said the accused was her neighbour whom she knows very well and took her to his room and stripped her naked and penetrated her.

The second Prosecution Witness, victim’s aunty in her testimony confirmed sending the victim late in the evening to buy soap and that upon her return after sometime was limping. When she was interrogated, she said uncle Moseray aka blacker, sexually penetrated her.

Prosecution witness three, the Police Investigator tendered the accused denial statement but under cross examinationsaid the accused told her that he worked at Timber ground and was there during the said period. When they took the accused to the Timber ground to verify his claims, the workers at the said ground denied knowing him and that he had never worked or visited the said ground. The accused was also asked to identify his boss and fellow workers which he failed to do.

The Medical Doctor, who was also a prosecution witness tendered the medical report form of the victim from the rainbow medical center depicting that the victim’s hymen was partially ruptured.

The accused in his defense relied on his statement to the police noting that he doesn’t have any witness.

The presiding Judge, Hon. Justice Kamanda after thoroughly examined the evidence adduced before him during the trial found the accused guilty as charged and sentenced to 20 years imprisonment though the accused pleaded for mercy. He said the sentence would serve as a deterrent to the accused not to repeat the same in the future.

The prosecutor appreciated the judgment as delivered by the Judge recounting that this would definitely serve as a deterrent to others.