Zainab Sheriff, the CEO of Zedzee Multimedia and a well-known female entertainer in the country, has conveyed warm Eid Mubarak greetings to her supporters and fellow citizens who have supported her at different times.

She emphasized that she is a peace-loving citizen who always wishes the best for her country.

Read her message below:

“Eid Mubarak to all my dear well-wishers 

 I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to every one of you for your unwavering support, kindness, and loyalty.

Your tireless efforts and advocacy were instrumental in securing my freedom, and I am eternally grateful for that.

I do not intend to cultivate an image of a lawless woman, I will rather be seen as a patriotic citizen and not an enemy of the state.

My goal is to raise awareness out of fear and frustration for the well-being of my country,  my people, and me, I’m simply a woman who’s trying to be strong and courageous for the greater good, and what I expressed was not just from me but for a lot of citizens who are too scared, to say the least.  I sincerely apologize to those that felt offended or provoked by my outburst but I felt it was long overdue and powerless people like us can only ring the alarm to help the situation. I meant no harm or disrespect.

Going forward I will continue to comment on national issues, and express my freedom of speech to contribute to national development, but I will try my best to do so without offending anyone in the process because ultimately we all want and deserve a loving and peaceful nation and that is the goal.

As we celebrate Eid al-Fitr, let us remember the true essence of this joyous occasion — to foster unity, compassion, and generosity towards one another and our beloved country. May this Eid bring peace, happiness, and prosperity to you and your loved ones. Once again, thank you for everything, and I am truly blessed to have such amazing people like you.”