A shop attendant in Freeown, Joseph Mohamed Momoh has been accused of shop breaking and larceny, which is contrary to section 26(1) of the Larceny Act 1916.

The eighteen-year-old accused made his first appearance before Magistrate Santigie Bangura of Pademba Road Court No. 2 in Freetown.

According to the details of the offence, on Wednesday, 24th April 2024, at Lab Lane, Wellington Road in the Western Area of Freetown, Joseph Mohamed Momoh allegedly broke into the shop belonging to Jeneba Fatmata Jalloh with intent to steal.

He purportedly stole forty-nine 50kg bags of rice, fourteen 25kg bags of rice, five gallons of palm oil, and three five-gallon containers of cooking oil, amounting to a total value of forty-eight thousand two hundred and eighty-five Leones (48,285), all of which are the property of Jeneba Fatmata Jalloh.

During the court session, when the charge was read and explained to Joseph Mohamed Momoh, no plea was taken. Sergeant 9155 Dwight Macarthy, the prosecutor, requested a short adjournment to confer with his witnesses. Magistrate Bangura denied bail and remanded the accused to the male correctional facility in Freetown.