The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development has revealed that Sierra Leone and Liberia have signed an agreement for the construction of a joint border posts (JBP) along the Sierra Leone-Liberia Border.

The agreement will see both countries handover pieces of land to the ECOWAS who will oversee the process. Sierra Leone is said to be handing over land at Gendema while Liberia will handover land at Bo Waterside.

The joint border posts (JBP) between the two ECOWAS member states is aimed at facilitating free movement of people, goods and services across national borders,” Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Planning and Economic Development stated.

The Ministry said the ECOWAS will handover the lands to the Consulting Services which will oversee the design of the border posts.

The project would be jointly operated by the countries on either side of the border, with the aim of reducing time and cost of cross-border trade,” the Ministry said.

The Minister of Planning and Economic Development, Dr. Francis Kai-Kai was present along with his Liberian counterpart at the Bo Waterside border in Liberia to sign the agreement.

The Ministry said that technical experts and traditional authorities from both countries were also present.

Sierra Leone and Liberia have enjoyed an amicable relationship over the last decade. Many locals from both countries share close bond with each other.