Head of Transnational Organized Crime Unit (TOCU) Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Alhaji Bangura has informed news men that on the 28 of December, 2021, acting on intelligent, they arrested a 20ft Container containing 37 Cartoons of 225mg Royal Tramadol.

According to the TOCU Boss, two Nigerian, Marcelo Zoro and Charles Obina Okonkwo who are consignees of the tramadol have also been arrested.

The TOCU Boss added that further search conducted at the resident of the two Nigerian suspects led to the discovery of a huge quantity of fake United States Dollar note to the tune of thirty nine thousand, four hundred Dollars ($39,400).

He went on to further disclosed that the two suspects have fake registered business with no office.

In his contribution, Regulatory Officer at the Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone, Mr Tamba Buffa explained that laboratory report revealed the Royal Tramadol is 912mg which is three times more than the 225mg written on it.

He furthered that there are eleven thousand, four hundred and seventy eight (11,478) boxes of tramadol in the 37 Cartoons and the total number of tablets amount to one million, one hundred forty seven thousand, eight hundred tablets (1,147,800).

The tramadol he said have no manufacturer specification which he said make it more dangerous.