A sierra Leonean lady leaving in Italy has alleged that her agricultural equipment has been stolen in Masiaka after wanting to invest in the agricultural sector of the country.

Reports state that the lady initially bought 100 acres of land, agricultural equipment, and different seeds for the commencement of her project but has turned the other way around.

The report states that the lady went to her farm and realized her properties have been stolen and the matter was reported to the police.

It has been alleged that since the report was made to the police about a week ago, no response has been made by the police to investigate the said issue that will bring the culprit to book.

The lady had render her disappointment in Sierra Leone stating that she should have used her money to invest in herself by buying expensive things.

Lately, the cost of local commodities has increasingly high making living conditions very difficult for many.

Agriculture is a crucial sector for the development of a country that needs huge investment but such devastating news will scare bigger investors away from the country.