A 23 years old Sierra Leonean Lady identified as Fatmata, has been allegedly shot to death by police in North Macedonia.

The incident is said to have occurred on Wednesday the 19th April, 2023 after the deceased together with her husband, Abu Bakar had just crossed the border from Greece.

A Greek organization, Second Tree, reported that the couple were denied asylum by Greece and was heading for Western Europe when they met the tragic end.

The lady is said to have died in the arms of Abu Bakar who is said to have screamed and begged for help after she was shot but to no avail and instead was handcuffed, driven several hours away and detained for a day with no news of his wife.

Giving some emotional fact about the deceased, Second Tree shared how she was a warm, young lady full of life, always ready to share her strength and energy with others.

“She was very much in love with her husband Abu Bakr. They knew each other since they were children and called each other “my everything”. Others around them hoped that they too would find someone who loved them as Abu and Fatma loved each other. Two months before she was killed, Fatma told Abu Bakr that she was pregnant. They had neither money nor documents so she never took a pregnancy test. He still does not know if his child died along with his wife. Abu Bakar was with Fatma the day she was shot. She was calling out his name. He begged for help. The video of Abu Bakar hugging Fatima as she dies shot on the ground is simply speechless. Then they handcuffed him, drove him for several hours, kept him in custody for a day and did not tell him anything about his wife. Then they offered to transfer him to the border to continue to Serbia. But he wants justice for Fatmata,” said “Second Tree”.

On the part of the Macedonian police, it was reported that one of the people transporting the migrants, including the deceased tried to grab a weapon from a police officer, which caused the officer to fire a bullet.

Different organizations including “Sloboden Pechat” met with the husband, Abu Bakar but could not speak about what happened as he is seeking justice through the courts in Macedonia and expects a fair trial.

However, the migrants who were at the scene, disclosed that that was not true. They made a video calling on all Macedonians and the government to help them get justice and find out why a police would shoot at an unharmed woman.