A bunch of Sierra Leonean women have gathered together to complain about the unbearable hardships they are going through in the country.

This they do in a form of song, explaining how the prices of foodstuffs especially the staple, have skyrocketed to the point of becoming unbearable.

In their chants, they made mention that the local foodstuffs like: onions, rice Palm oil, Maggie, groundnut and fish have all become expensive.

One of them stood in the middle as she sings about their complaints of the increase in price.

” tin Don tranga, tin Don tranga. Play play don don, nor d waka waka na town, ar go die ohh” She sings.

Showing tiredness of the situation through the song, she shakes her body moving back and forth, chanting that: “i will die ohh, i will die ohh.”

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