Sierra Leoneans have been stirred by a before and after photo circulating on social media, purportedly depicting the harrowing transformation of a young woman identified as Misbow after allegedly succumbing to the dangerous drug Kush.

The images, posted by the popular Facebook page Salone Gossip, have sparked a wave of concern and calls for action among citizens.

The stark contrast between Misbow’s appearance before and after her alleged involvement with Kush has prompted a range of reactions from concerned individuals across the country. Notable comments from the post reflect a mixture of empathy, outrage, and a call for urgent intervention.

Among the comments, one Facebook user pleaded with Msbow’s family members to rally behind her and support her in seeking therapy, cautioning against abandoning her in her time of need. “I want to use this opportunity to appeal to her family members to support her to get therapy. Abandoning her and blaming her for this predicament will only continue to worsen her condition,” the commenter urged.

Another commenter expressed deep concern over the impact of drug abuse on the nation, calling for a unified stance against those responsible for the drug trade. “This is a disaster in the country, it really needs the nation to rise against those bringing this drug in Salone,” the commenter stated.

In a reflection of the broader societal implications of drug abuse, a different user lamented the loss of potential among Sierra Leone’s youth and questioned the leadership’s commitment to addressing the crisis. “This is so sad for a nation whose leaders care less about the youthful generation,” the commenter remarked. “I believe it is deliberate. This is another way of ensuring rulership remains within their lineage – the more the youth are worthless, the better their children stand a chance of succession.”

Amidst the debate, there were voices advocating for empathy and understanding towards those affected by drug addiction. “Most of these victims sink into these drugs as a result of challenging situations and peer influence,” one user pointed out. “So don’t judge them. Life happens.”

The alarming trend of youth involvement in the deadly drug Kush has become a significant concern in Sierra Leone. Just days ago, 32 individuals, believed to be victims of drug abuse, were buried in a mass grave in the country. Sierra Leoneans are now urging the government to take immediate action to prevent this deadly drug from claiming the lives of more young people in the nation.”