In what was a highly anticipated and closely contested election, on the 8th and 9th of June 2024, Alimamy Blackpool Bangura emerged victorious in the Paramount Chieftaincy election runoff in Simiria Chiefdom.

On Saturday 8th June 2024, a run-off was declared by the Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone after none of the ten candidates were unable to secure the 55% threshold required by law. The now Paramount Chief who won in the first ballot scored 233 votes with 38.96% and his main challenger Biankay Sorie Kaira scored 229 with 38.29% of the valid votes.

Alimamy Blackpool Bangura, the son of the Late Paramount Chief Alimamy Bangura II was declared the new Paramount Chief of Simiria Chiefdom after a tense runoff against his main challenger, Biankay Kaira Sorie Bangura.

In the second round of voting, the new Paramount Chief scored 378 votes, and he overwhelmingly defeated Biankay Sorie Kaira Bangura, his opponent who scored 131 votes.

The runoff took place amidst heightened tension in the Chiefdom headquarters Town of Mabonto. However, the security forces played a crucial role in maintaining order and ensured the smooth conduct of the election.

Despite the challenges and uncertainties surrounding the rerun, Alimamy Blackpool Bangura was declared winner of the Simiria Chiefdom Paramount Chieftaincy elections.

His opponent graciously accepted the outcome of the election and acknowledged Alimamy Blackpool Bangura as the rightful Paramount Chief of Simiria Chiefdom. In his maiden address, he promised to continue fighting for the betterment of his Chiefdom and its people, showcasing a spirit of unity and leadership.

The new Paramount Chief is described as a passionate, empathic, and development-oriented leader who has dedicated himself to serving the people of Simiria. His victory is a reflection of his commitment to the progress and prosperity of his Chiefdom, and he is poised to lead Simiria Chiefdom with integrity and vision.

As the new Paramount Chief prepares to assume his role as the new Paramount Chief of Simiria Chiefdom, the people of Simiria eagerly await his leadership and the positive impact he will undoubtedly have on his communities.

His victory is not just a win for him, but for the entire Chiefdom, as they look forward to a future of progress, unity, and prosperity under his leadership, the new Paramount Chief said just after he was declared winner. Immediately after he was declared winner, PC Alimamy Bangura III was escorted by security officers and government officials from the Chiefdom Court Barry where the election holds to an unknown place.

Simiria Chiefdom is endowed with minerals and wealth but the majority of the people there are living in abject. Residents said the new Paramount Chief is seen as the Chiefdom’s new hope