The breaking incident in the early hours on Sunday in Freetown left many people scared in the country and Port Loko is not an exception. Though the current atmosphere is calm, but Sunday morning was an abnormal one.

The city looked empty in many busy areas like the central, marketplaces and Kambia Park. School session for Islamic schools were disrupted, the Movement of Faith (MOF) Secondary School was in attendance, but the school authorities dispersed the pupils very early. A teacher from the school who preferred not to be identified said “We ask them to go home because the situation seems threatening”

Most shops and business places were closed and few people, and police vehicles were roaming about until around 8:00 p.m. when a slightly scared moment touched Kambia road as vehicle threateningly passed. Radio Bankasoka’s popular yearly “Talk to your community programme” was obstructed by failing to host the guest that day.

Monday morning was marked with controversy as to whether people would go about their normal businesses due to slow understanding of the information to do so by the people. Later it was all calm everybody went on their normal activities some schools were in session like Free Pentecostal Mission Academy and Movement of Faith.

Residents are now calling to end the night curfew in Port Loko due to the peaceful atmosphere. Meanwhile, all is normal, and no problem has been reported.