The Criminal Investigation Department of BO West Police Division is currently investigating six suspects for allegedly stealing goats and sheep at Maboma Village st Jiama Chiefdom in BO District.

According to the Deputy Regional Media and Public Relations Officer of Sierra Leone in the Southern Region, Police Constable, Alhaji Osman Mansaray, last week Thursday evening, they received a report from the residents of Maboma village that there are people in the village that are stealing their goats and sheeps that they are rearing.

He said they were able to arrest six of the people with evidence who allegedly stole their livestocks, adding that after stealing their goats, they un board a motorbike and travel to BO in order to sell them, when they were arrested.

PC Mansaray said that the six suspects were taken to the police station for interrogation including, Abrahim Dominic Rogers, Mohamed Bangura, Alie Mansaray, Mamaja Bah, Abubakar Bah and Sulaiman Lansanah,noting that there are six complainants in this matter.

He said that the complainants brought one dead matured goat and their children, which the complainants alleged to be evidence caught with the suspects and the suspects are in their custody for investigations.