On Friday, May 3rd, 2024, former driver Maada Bundeh, who worked for the accused, and former Skye Bank Manager Ikubolaje Nicol, testified before Justice Alhaji Momoh Jah Stevens at the Sexual Model Court in Freetown in the alleged murder trial.

Led in evidence by state counsel Aruna Jalloh, the witness said Sinnah Kargbo (deceased), was employed by the accused at the said bank after her university course. Bundeh added that Sinnah Kai Kargbo was the girlfriend of the accused.

He mentioned knowing the deceased Sinnah Kai since her college days when she used to visit the accused at Guaranty Trust Bank. After completing her studies, she was employed by the accused at Skye Bank.

Bundeh recalled the events of October 16th, 2022, stating he was at home preparing to go to church when he received a call from the accused, instructing him to meet at Shuman Hospital. The accused informed him that the deceased had an attack and was taken to the hospital.

Upon arrival at the hospital, Bundeh encountered two nurses who did not provide information about his boss’s whereabouts. He then contacted the accused, who informed him he was at the deceased’s parents’ premises and that Sinnah had passed away. The accused instructed Bundeh to take the deceased to the mortuary, which he did, accompanied by Salifu and Mustapha.

Bundeh testified that they transported the deceased to Columbia Davies Mortuary, where the accused directed them to staff who assisted in transferring the remains to the morgue. He mentioned completing paperwork, during which the accused instructed him to list himself as the one who took the deceased to the mortuary.

After dropping the deceased, Bundeh met the accused at Tengbeh Town, where they discussed informing the deceased’s father about her death. The witness confirmed an altercation ensued at the mortuary between the deceased’s family and the accused, resulting in police intervention and the arrest of the accused.

Bundeh concluded by stating he provided statements to the police at CID Headquarters at Pademba Road in Freetown.

During cross-examination by defense counsel Rowland Wright, Bundeh affirmed his acquaintance with the deceased since her college days and their professional relationship at Skye Bank. He also confirmed the deceased had once mentioned a doctor’s warning to him and sent him a message instructing him not to disclose their conversation to the accused, which he reported to the police.

At this point, the prosecution requested an adjournment to present another witness. The court adjourned the matter to a later date for further proceedings.

Ikubolaje Nicol is facing trial on charges of conspiracy, manslaughter, and perverting the course of justice.