Professor Abdulai Jalloh, the Director General of the Sierra Leone Agricultural Research Institute (SLARI), was recently honored at the Kono District Excellence Award 2023/2024 ceremony.

This event, hosted by the Kono District Entertainment Network in collaboration with eight radio stations, celebrated Professor Jalloh’s exceptional contributions to agricultural research. His recognition underscores his unwavering commitment to improving agriculture in Sierra Leone and beyond.

Mr. Joseph Komba Kembey, also known as King Rabbito and the Kono District Entertainment Network president, expressed his excitement about meeting Professor Jalloh in person. He explained that the award was a tribute to the professor’s exemplary work in agricultural research.

The network recently organized a grand Marathon Street carnival in Kono to honor Professor Jalloh’s significant contributions. This celebration highlighted his role in developing technologies for local farmers, which have the potential to make Sierra Leone self-sufficient in food production.

In his acceptance speech, Professor Abdulai Jalloh emphasized the importance of empowering youth in agriculture and their role in achieving food self-sufficiency by mid-2024. He envisions a future where young researchers lead the agricultural sector toward mechanized and sustainable farming practices.

Professor Jalloh’s dedication to nurturing the next generation of agricultural leaders and innovators is a testament to his commitment to Sierra Leone’s prosperous and food-secure future.

In conclusion, Professor Abdulai Jalloh’s receipt of the Kono District Excellence Award 2023/2024 highlights the crucial role of agricultural research in Sierra Leone’s development.

His commitment to empowering youth and fostering innovation in agriculture promises a bright future for the nation’s agricultural landscape. This award reflects the collective effort of the SLARI team in advancing agricultural research for the benefit of Sierra Leone.