The Sierra Leone Police (SLP) together with the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) have ended a five-days intensive operation dubbed as “Operation Sanity” in Makeni, Northern part of Sierra Leone.

The operation according to a statement by the Sierra Leone Police, was to essentially curb the acts of hooliganism and drugs peddling within the Municipality, an act which has seriously threatened the sanity of the city.

According to the report, the operation was held out in areas which are doubted to be the shelters of suspected drug dealers and criminals, who are in the habit of taking hard drugs like; Cannabis, Tramadol and Kush.

The statement further disclosed that the operation was successful because the local residents assisted the team of MAC-P to identify the drug dealers and criminals in the Municipality.

According to the report, a total number of ten people believed to be drug lords, criminals and people frightening the peace of the city were apprehended by the Police. It added that the operation was carried out based on the intelligence received from the people living in Makeni city.

The Regional Support Officer (RSO), who also doubles as the Regional Operations Officer (ROO), Chief Superintendent of Police, Karamoh Kabba together with the OSD Regional Coordinator, Mr Mathew Gbanya disclosed that the operation commenced on the directives of the Regional Commander, North. AIG, Sahr Yamba Senessie.

Senessie on his part, said that they have been on an intensive raid within the Municipality since 10th January, 2023, adding that the operation was done due to the security threat residents complained about within the Municipality.

ASP Mathew Gbanya the Regional OSD Coordinator and the Police Media Team in the North, thanked the personnel of Makeni, Pamlap and other personnel that supported the operation.

The Regional Support and Operations officer on behalf of the AIG thanked the RSLAF for providing tight security during the operation, as well as during the All People’s Congress (APC) party lower-level elections in the city.

He furthered that “Operation Sanity” was done mainly to curb drug merchants, clique boys, drug addicts, common criminals and armed bandits. He also thanked the people of Makeni for working closely with the security forces during the operation and encouraged them to strengthen the peace within the city and keep updating the police about crime-related issues.