The Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRA) is compelled to respond to recent reports published in the September 6, 2023 edition of the Standard Times Newspaper.

These reports alleged that an Administrative Head of the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank (SLCB) had testified in Magistrate Court No. 1 regarding a supposed theft of funds from the SLRA Welfare Account.

The SLRA management wishes to clarify the following points to address this misleading information:

  1. Welfare Account Nature: The SLRA indeed maintains a Staff Welfare Account at the SLCB, operated by a Staff Welfare Committee. This account is exclusively funded by monthly contributions from SLRA staff for their personal welfare needs, such as personal loans, among other purposes. It does not involve public funds in any capacity.

  2. Unusual Withdrawals Reported: Contrary to the reported narrative, it was the SLRA that identified irregular withdrawals from its Staff Welfare Account on December 28, 2022. The SLRA promptly reported these anomalies to the SLCB management in a letter dated January 18, 2023 (Day File No: 039).

  3. Timely Resolution: Following discussions with SLCB management, SLCB reimbursed the stolen funds (amounting to SLL 1,000,000.00 New Leones) into the SLRA Staff Welfare Account on February 2, 2023, as documented in a Bank Statement for the period February 1 – 28, 2023. This resolution was deemed amicable and satisfactory by the SLRA.

  4. False Allegations: The SLRA categorically denies any association with an individual named ISHMAIL SILLAH or involvement in an ongoing court case related to a missing SLL 1,000,000,000.00.

According to SLRSA these misleading reports have the potential to damage the SLRA’s hard-earned reputation and sow distrust within the Staff Welfare Association and Management. Adding that they call upon the SLCB to issue an immediate rejoinder to this public notice to provide accurate information to the general public. Furthermore, the SLRA urges the SLCB to take full responsibility for its internal control lapses.

“We also implore the Standard Times Newspaper and other media outlets that have reported similar misinformation to issue corrections in their subsequent reports. We emphasize the importance of verifying information before publication to ensure accurate and responsible journalism”. They states