On Friday, 7th June 2024, the Society of Social Engineers at Njala University initiated a street campaign aimed at combating drug abuse, specifically targeting the widespread use of Kush in Sierra Leone.

The campaign’s primary objective was to engage students as social engineers to explore effective methods to eradicate the pervasive issue of Kush abuse in communities and society at large.

The campaign saw enthusiastic participation from students, who took to the streets to raise awareness about the dangers of Kush, a potent synthetic drug that has become a significant problem in Sierra Leone. Through informative pamphlets, discussions, and visual aids, the students endeavored to educate the public on the adverse health and social consequences of Kush addiction.

This significant initiative received unwavering support from the Department of Sociology and Social Work at Njala University. The campaign organizers expressed their gratitude to key department members, including Dr. Munu, Mr. Sesay, Mr. Maju, and Mr. Jalloh, whose relentless efforts were instrumental in the campaign’s success. Their guidance and support underscored the importance of academic and community collaboration in addressing critical social issues.

“The involvement of our students in this campaign exemplifies the role of social engineers in fostering community well-being and resilience,” remarked Dr. Munu. “It’s imperative that we continue to support such initiatives to ensure a drug-free future for Sierra Leone.”

As the Society of Social Engineers continues its efforts, the campaign marks a significant step toward raising awareness and driving community action against drug abuse. The collective determination of students and faculty at Njala University serves as a beacon of hope for tackling the scourge of Kush in Sierra Leone.